Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Smallmouth Bass 6/27/2017

I had planned to take this coming Thursday off work to flyfish for Smallmouth Bass.  The selected river had finally dropped into a marginally wadable level.  But with 3 consecutive days of rain in the forecast, the river is going to go back up again for who-knows-how-long.  So, I went last night after work and a quick dinner.

I'm glad I went, but the river was higher, muddier, and cooler than I would have liked for wet-wading.
First cast with a popper caught the biggest Smallmouth of the evening (14").

6 Smallies and the Green Sunfish hit the blockhead popper, with 2 additional bass hitting a chartreuse-over-yellow Clouser Deep Minnow.

Near the end of the evening, I noticed something bizarre struggling in the water as it flowed downstream past me.  I chased it down and lifted it from the water.  A bat! Cute lil' bugger....I researched it later, and believe this is an Eastern Pipistrelle (actually now known as a Tricolored Bat). I put it on shore....Hope it survives its dunking!
Eastern Pipistrelle bat aka Tricolored Bat


  1. Hi, Dave. Now, that is the kind of day we would all like to have for a day off work! Blockheads...........

    1. I agree! Although I did end up working all day, and then just fished for a few hours in the evening....

    2. Hey, Dave, what is the chances of you throwing up my new blog site on your Blogroll? I would appreciate it!

    3. OK. I added you, Mel. I don't know how (or if its even possible?) to pick which blogs show up in the pane on the right side of my page. It looks like it just took the first ones I had originally followed years ago.

      Not sure what is going to happen to my blog....I use Photobucket to store my photos and link them to my blog. But they just radically changed their Terms of Use. It appears if I want to continue to link pictures from there to my blog, the cost will change from FREE to $400/year. Wow....