Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last Week of May 2017

We had a week or two of cooler weather in the 50's....surprisingly, the bass were hitting VERY well for the first week or so.  That aggressiveness has since tapered off considerably.
I used to catch a lot of these Green Sunfish...not as many anymore.
This Bluegill had a lot of orange on it...all the way to the tail!
Chunky carp caught during my lunch hour on a Black Ops fly:
While flyfishing mud clouds for invisible carp, I caught this catfish instead!  Actually, it was unintentionally foul-hooked...but still pretty cool.  Look how fat it is!

Crappies have been hitting right about dark, near the surface, out away from shore.
Snapping Turtle:
Next generation of lake-polluting crapping machines:


  1. Dave
    Unbelievable variety of fish, do all the ponds you fish have this variety. Does anyone else fish these ponds with the fly rod. Gorgeous colors on all the fish, especially the sun fish----thanks for sharing

    1. All the ponds have bass and bluegills...most have crappies. Beyond that...each pond has its own mix of "other species", and some ponds have more species than others.
      It used to be extremely rare to see anyone else flyfishing these ponds....but not so rare anymore. I think when folks see people flyfishing enough times, it doesn't seem so unusual anymore....especially if they are catching fish. And so then others are more likely to try it.