Monday, June 5, 2017

Carp for Lunch

A coworker chose to go flyfishing with me during lunch on Friday, June 2, 2017.  I had some bass and panfish flies I tied the previous night that I wanted to try out to check on their "action".
For at least the 3rd time in a row, others were fishing my usual lunchtime pond, and so we went to the carp pond instead.

I'm glad we did!  I didn't get to test the flies...instead, I spotted some carp in the shallows right away.  Some were following each other and splashing in the shallows....typical spawning behavior.  Others were near shore and willing to eat a fly dropped near them.

A very good lunchtime would be catching a carp on a fly.  Catching 2 or more is really special!  I did catch 2 (must be because of my LUCKY SHIRT?), and both carp fought really well.  The first measured 25", the second measured 25.5".  The second one I hooked just to my left....and then it took off and ran straight down the opposite shoreline to my right for@ 130' before I could finally get it slowed and turned!  VERY fun!

Check out the sail fin on this one:

Both hit a pattern called a John Montana's Hybrid Carp Fly:

After the 2nd carp, the shallow area sorta cleared of fish, except for a few spawners.  I moved down the shoreline a bit, and saw a shadow in the water near shore.  I dropped the fly near it...twitched it, and thought I got a strike.  SNAPPING TURTLE!  I did manage to land the turtle AND get my fly back, so all is good.

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