Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Some New Gear to Play With!

I've been pretty happy with the flyfishing gear I've been using the past year or two.

I read Yellowstone Angler's 2016 6wt Fly Rod Shootout:

I've never owned "top of the line" expensive flyfishing gear.  And yet....flyfishing is what I do.  I love it.  Why DON'T I have some truly top-notch gear?  It isn't really that I don't WANT it.  Of course I do.  My 2nd fly rod was SO MUCH better than my first one....it made me actually enjoy using it, put a smile on my face when I was fishing.  So, yeah, I KNOW there's a difference in gear.  Its up to each individual to determine whether expensive gear is worth the price tag....and whether they are willing to pay that price.

Normally...I'm not willing to pay a high price.  I'm still not, really.  But after reading that review, I decided I wanted to try the Douglas Sky rod, the one that won their "Shootout".  It sounds perfect for the varieties of flyfishing I do.  And I also wanted an Allen Kraken reel for it.  I've had excellent experiences with a variety of Allen products (rods, reels, hooks, beads, etc.). The Dorado color option on their Kraken reel has captured my attention for some time.

To lessen my guilt of buying these items, I decided to fund their purchase by selling some of the flyfishing rods and reels I no longer use much.  Some items I sold locally, some online, and some I traded in.  I feel I got really good deals on the items I purchased, and so far actually have a surplus of money from the sale of my items....so I may buy an extra reel.  Haven't decided for sure, yet.

I got the Douglas Sky 9' 6wt fly rod.  Looks and feels great! As the ice melts off the local waters, I hope to use it maybe later this week.

And the Allen Kraken reel....its beautiful!  To some it may seem gaudy.  But to a fisherman, Chartreuse ROCKS!  And everybody loves electric blue....so the Dorado color pattern suits me just fine!

I'm certain when the fish see me approaching the water with this awesome new gear, they will be jumping onto the bank BEGGING for me to catch them!  That's how this is all supposed to play out, right?


  1. Dave, I am not familiar with your new rod, so will be looking forward to some feedback once you have had quality time with it.

    That is a beautiful reel, and if you can truly get fish to jump up on the bank with it, I may be next in line to get a new Kraken!

    1. I may write a review of the new rod at the end of this season, after I've really put it through its paces. In the meantime, Mel, if you click that link about the Yellowstone Angler 2016 6wt Shootout...there are actually 3 guys reviewing each rod...which I think is invaluable in giving the best look at what the rod's capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses are. I encourage everyone to read it. Its very interesting, even if you aren't looking to buy a new rod. In the main report, there is just one guy's review of the rods, but if you click some of the other links in the report, it takes you to all 3 reviews of each rod, or you can click on one of the reviewer's names to see their comments on each rod. Overall, a very well-done review and comparison of current 6wt rods. Its not comprehensive, in that they selected only a certain number of rods to review....not ALL 6wt rods, obviously.