Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Icefishing 1-1-2017

Fished with Jay.  We visited a different pond than the one I fished last week.  7" of decent ice.  Jay was smart and knew when to cut his losses, although he certainly caught his share of fish.  I stayed way too long...fished from 9:15am-5pm.
Action was very slow and the fish really seemed negative.  Had a few aggressive crazy fish that helped the day pass.
I caught 1 bass, 4-5 pumpkinseeds, 4 hybrids sunfish, and 20 +/- bluegills.
Caught 2 Master Angler-sized pumpkinseeds...9" and 9.5".


  1. Dave, those are such great fish for this time of year! You certainly have some hogs to fish for with the fly rod once the ice breaks this year......... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Time for a fish fry! I like the coloring on the panfish.

    1. I release everything, but if I was going to keep fish, Bluegills and Crappies would certainly be tasty! :) These Pumpkinseeds aren't common around here...I only discovered these in a few local ponds in just the past 3 years or so. Crazy! They are so beautiful, I wouldn't feel right about keeping one. I was talking to a guy while icefishing this day...and he said the same thing...he lets all the Pumpkinseeds go. :)