Monday, June 6, 2016

Getting DOVE-Bombed!

I just couldn't stop was too ridiculous not to enjoy the moment.
My buddy Jay came over to do a trial run of loading up our gear for an upcoming fishing trip, to see if both our kayaks and gear would fit in the back of his pickup.

As we stood in the opening of the smaller 3rd garage door, a dove kept whizzing right by and over Jay's head.  It was building a nest in a Magnolia tree in my front yard, and then flying around the side of the house to get more grass and twigs.  It was coming by about 3 times/minute!

So, we took some videos with our cell phones.  They crack me up!  Here's some screen captures from those videos:
Jay ducking as the dove flies by his head:

Giant Dove attack!  (of course it wasn't attacking...but go ahead and imagine that whistling sound doves make as they fly)

Here is the view of that pass from Jay's perspective:

Pretty cool!  They don't often get this close!

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