Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late May 2016

Thanks to a tip from a fellow flyfisherman, I fished a new-to-me pond in a nearby suburb  (yes, Des Moines has suburbs!  ;o)  )  and was able to catch a Rainbow Trout out of still water this late in the season.  With the warming water, its hard to say how much longer the trout will survive there.  I caught in next to a weedline dropoff, on a black & yellow microjig about 2.5' beneath an indicator.

I also caught a couple bass, lost a nicer one, and also caught some smallish but colorful bluegills.

From some other ponds....bluegills have been the main obliging species, along with some bass and crappies.

I've been flyfishing quite a bit for Grass Carp.  I've seen plenty...still just can't get them to strike!
Here's a video I shot of one:

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