Monday, February 1, 2016

Icefishing Outing - January 30, 2016

My buddy Jay and I fished Pond #1 in the morning.  Ice was 9.25" thick.  We caught bluegills and crappies, and Jay added a bass.
Jay with the first Crappie of the day:
My first Crappie of the day:

The fishing was slow, and the fish were definitely negative.  So, around noon we headed to Pond #2.

Ice was 10" thick here.  We were on fish right away, Jay was hammering them non-stop.  My fish took 10-15 minutes to wake up...but then they got aggressive too, and I caught fish steadily from the one hole until things finally slowed around 4:30, and I left at 5pm.  We caught Crappies, Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds and Hybrid Sunfish.  I didn't get any bass...maybe Jay got another one here?

I lost one HUGE fish right in the hole....either a Pumpkinseed or Hybrid Sunfish.  And my "fish of the day" was probably this massive beast of a Hybrid Sunfish:


  1. Awesome Dave!!! Those bluegill are absolute tanks!!!

  2. nice trip! to catch bass you need more time, good luck for next. :)