Monday, October 5, 2015

October Bass in Iowa

I have no explanation for it, but many of my local fish in Central Iowa seemed to have a serious case of lockjaw during the month of September.  Fishing was great, but catching was TOUGH!

With the start of October, the fish seem to have gotten over whatever issue they had with holding up their end of the flyfishing game.  Perhaps they are satisfied with their contract negotiations?  I've been reading too many sports articles lately, I think.

Anyway, I went flyfishing Sunday morning, October 4, 2015.  It was cloudy, with a slight breeze that would occasionally die down to practically nothing.  Air temperature was chilly....started off around 40 degrees F, and rose to maybe into the upper 50's before I left.  I wore a hoodie over a longsleeve tee, and long underwear under my jeans.  Only my hands got a bit chilled, especially after getting wet.

Fishing was good!  As usual, I was hoping to spot a Grass Carp, but never saw one.  I caught a full size range of bass... from a trio of 3.5-inchers to a pair of 18-inchers.  Lost one good one after numerous jumps near shore.  Also had one break my line near the knot as lifted it from the water, and it fell back in and swam off, blockhead popper still sticking out of its mouth ahead of its nose.  I hate to see fish swim off with my fly still in them....I expected this fish to wear this foam jewelry for awhile, but just a few minutes later the popper floated back to the surface and I was actually able to make a series of, need I say, amazing casts....and retrieved the popper for future use. :)

Here's pictures of the two 18" bass:

Typically at this pond, a fishing trip might yield 0-2 Pumpkinseed Sunfish.  They seem to have an affinity for the color Chartreuse! I love catching them because they fight well and are absolutely beautiful I was pleased to catch 5 of them on this trip.  The biggest measured a hair over 8.5".  These two were practically twins:
Finally..a great day for CATCHING!  :)


  1. Sounds like a nice outing to me....minus those's still in the 90's here in SEAR.

  2. Yeah, Drew! Temps here have been fluctuating...Take this week, for example....this past Sunday's high was 57 F (low 41), and this coming Sunday's high is expected to be 84 F (low 60). Crazy, right?
    Your Grass Carp-catching pics are inspirational to me....but I haven't actually seen one in months, even though they are everywhere I fish. Bums me out....

  3. Love the pumpkinseeds myself! They are one of a handful of introduced sunfish species Idaho has and I treasure them. It should be said that an old friend blamed them for ruining large bluegill ponds and threw everyone on the bank. Strange idea huh. Been warm here as well, 90's in mid Oct., but cooled now.


    1. Good to hear from you, Gregg! :)
      I love big bluegills too, but if I had a choice of 9" Bluegills or 9" Pumpkinseeds, the Pumpkinseeds will get my vote every time. BEAUTIFUL fish!!

    2. I agree, they are the warm water equal of a brook trout's stunning colors. Never caught one that large, but we have them.