Friday, June 12, 2015

19" Largemouth Bass on a Bluegill Topwater Fly?!

I was pretty surprised to catch this 19" Largemouth Bass on a little foam fly I was using to tempt bluegills during lunch today.
Also surprised the hook held well enough to allow me to tug, pull, and drag this bass through the thick weeds he kept diving into and getting hung up in!
Ahhhhhh, luck.  :)

I was excited to spot some decent-sized sunfish in the shallows near nests that had red on the edge of their operculums.  In my area, that can only mean Pumpkinseed Sunfish or Redear Sunfish.  I put micorjigs in front of several of them, but could not coax a strike.

I looked repeatedly, trying to discern the iridescent blue cheek markings of a Pumpkinseed Sunfish, but could not.  I know there are a series of interconnected ponds in my town that have Pumpkinseed Sunfish, but have otherwise never seen them in any other area ponds/lakes.  The pond I fished today was quite a distance from those ponds.  I've never caught/seen a Redear Sunfish in any of the local ponds, so I'm excited by the prospect that perhaps THIS is such a pond.  I NEED to know what they I gotta go back and keep trying to get one of these things to strike a fly!!

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