Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Photo on Iowa DNR Website

I check the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website ( frequently. There is some excellent information there for anglers.  There is a lot of information on lakes, including lake topographic (bathymetric) maps, and the latest fish sampling information.

I just happened to visit that website today, and usually I just quickly navigate past the home screen to the lake information pages.  But today, I paused and looked at the pictures that were scrolling on the home screen, to see if there was current news I might be interested in.  The last picture in the series was of a Rainbow Trout.  Nice.  I clicked to navigate away from that page, and then it hit me.  I went back and looked at the picture again.  Yeah....that looks like one of my pictures....kind of looks like a fly I would have tied...and...the fly is attached to the line with a No Knot Fas-Snap.  Not that many people use those around here... That's gotta be my picture!

I checked my fishing pictures, and located the original.  It is one I had submitted along with an article that was published in the DNR's "Iowa Outdoors" magazine.  I don't think they ended up using this particular picture in the article.  Its nice they are getting some use out of it.

Here's a screen capture of my computer screen...with the DNR website (on the right), and my original picture pulled up on the left.

COOL! Its fun to see my  pictures being used on the IDNR website!    :)


  1. Congratulations Dave on the published picture. It is always nice when someone recognizes another's work. Fish on!

  2. I'm thinking the rights to that picture ought to be worth a years free fishing or something. Seriously though...congrats Dave , that's pretty cool.

  3. Thats cool.

  4. Very cool, man! They could have at least given you a little heads up haha. Still really awesome, though.