Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015! Let's Get It Started!

I ice-fished with my buddy Jay on Saturday, January 3, 2015.  Weather was a decent 32 degrees F, wind of less than 10 mph, mostly cloudy.  Ice was excellent quality, 5" thick.

We fished the same pond I had ice-fished back in November and December.  Really need to try a different body of water NEXT time.  :)

We marked fish in the main basin.  They seemed eager to bite at first, but soon turned to "lookers".  They would follow, but not strike.  So, it was fun to watch the fish on the electronics, but we weren't catching much.  My first fish of the year was a Largemouth Bass.

We drilled holes and checked all over the main basin for active fish, but the story was similar everywhere.  We finally moved towards the west end of this pond, and found a lot more fish, and many were very willing to strike.

I ended the day with at least 15 Bluegills (up to 8"), 1 Black Crappie (11"), 1 White Crappie (8"), and at least 8 Largemouth Bass (up to 13").  All were caught on a 1/16th oz Lindy Frostee Jigging Spoon tipped with a waxworm.


  1. Dave
    You are one lucky guy to have all those ponds near you, nice species of fish, that bluegill pumps me up for the spring. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey, Dave, happy to hear you have some solid ice your way. Our weather has been too temperamental to have much ice consistency in the ponds near my home. Those fish you caught sure look healthy and in good shape for this time of year.

  3. Thanks fellas!
    Hopefully the lateness of this (final?) round of ice formation will mean the fish will be less stressed later in the season from oxygen depletion.