Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Senyo's Mini Baitfish

Encouraged largely by Jeff's (from High Plains Fly Fisher blog) post of a fly pattern he's been using for Smallmouth Bass ( ), I purchased 4 colors of Senyo's Laser Dubbing.  I may have to purchase some more colors.

I'm a little disappointed that their isn't more color difference between the white, gray, and silver minnow belly colors, but I'll get over it.  The white can be used for everything....and the silver minnow belly has some super-thin silver holographic tinsel mixed in it, which looks really good. The chartreuse lights up great under UV light!  I guess my only gripe is I just wish the gray was darker.

I tied up a few different baitfish patterns with it, and its really great stuff to work with.  I'd pull out a very small bunch of fibers, grab it by the ends, and then separate and re-stack the fibers a few times to get a bundle that I felt would stay put when tied down in the middle.  I don't know if anyone else bothers to do this, but in my mind, it results in less waste once the baitfish is completed and brushed out to blend and shape the fibers.

In searching for other baitfish fly patterns that use this material, I encountered one called Senyo's Mini Baitfish.  I was really wanting some streamers for White Bass fishing, and determined I needed something smaller than 2" in length in order to reduce the number of missed strikes I was experiencing on other baitfish streamers.

Well, I haven't been back out to test these on White Bass yet.  But I really DO like they way these look, and how they act in the water.  Other than a few extra strands of flash material and the eyes, they are tied with 100% Senyo's Laser Dub.  Maybe I'm my own worst critic, but I don't feel mine don't look as good as some I'd seen pictures of when I did a Google search....but I do think they will catch fish.  I'm generally trying to imitate a small Gizzard Shad, which is the main forage of the local White Bass.  I tied mine on a #6 saltwater hook (Allen's SW002).


  1. Those look great to me, but us fly tiers are always over critical of our work. I utilize the same method of pulling apart and re-stacking. I've seen a number of people use this same method, so, you're not alone. If it's not done, then you're basically throwing away 1/2 of your material.

    1. Thanks, Justin. :) Yeah...I think the fish will really like these!