Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick Smallmouth Bass Trip, 9-4-2014

I decided to try flyfishing for Smallmouth Bass after dinner.  By the time I drove north to the river, it was @ 6:20pm before I finally waded out into the stream.  The river was only slightly higher than my previous trip earlier this year, but seemed a bit dirtier as well, from a recent rain.  Overall, conditions were decent, though.

I knew there wasn't much time to fish.  I fished the same section I hit before, but this time I finished it in about 1.33 hours, compared to @ 4 hours when I was here a month ago.  Run-and-Gun wading!

I didn't work any area thoroughly, just hit good spots briefly, and quickly plowed through the barren stretches.

I started out with a yellow Blockhead Popper, and caught one Smallmouth Bass on it, plus missed a second, and had a 3rd shake free after a few seconds.  I switched to a large-ish chartreuse Cactus Chenille Bugger with lead eyes, and caught three Smallmouth Bass and one Hybrid Sunfish.  I was looking forward to fishing some large boulders in the last section of stream before finishing, but there was another angler I just cut up the bank and walked back to my car and left.  I did stop and ask how he'd done, and he'd caught a half dozen Smallies with spinning gear, and lost a very nice one right at his feet.  He was there when I arrived...I don't know how long he'd been fishing, but he was working that last section pretty slow and methodically.

Anyway, no big fish for me, just 2 "medium-sized" bass in the 11"-13" range, and a couple smaller ones.


  1. I'm more than happy to catch 11-13 inch smallmouth. If I land one nice 13 incher and that's the only one, I'm happy. I'd rather catch 10 - 20 eight to twelve inch smallmouth than fish 3 hours to land a 18' smallie. And they are a blast on the glass rods too! I'm glad you found some smallies this year.

    1. That's a great point...and one I agree with. Smallies of ANY size are fun to catch on flyfishing gear. They are just a great fish all-around!
      I had really hoped to flyfish for them more in a river closer to me this year, but I only made it there twice when water levels were reasonable. The first trip was GREAT, and the second was horrible. That's fishing!