Friday, June 13, 2014

First Fly Rod Carp(s) of the Year!

I've been complaining just a bit that I haven't caught any Carp on flies yet this year.

The fishing gods were listening.

Last night I visited a new (to me) pond in town. The bass and bluegills weren't very big. I saw some big fish, figured they were either Carp, Grass Carp, or both.

Didn't expect to catch one, so I started out fishing for bass & bluegills. I was using a microjig under an indicator...cast out along the shoreline, twitched it once or twice, and the indicator disappeared. I hadn't spotted the fish before it hit, so I wasn't sure what it was going to be. Based on the head shakes and awesome bulldogging fight, I was going to guess it was a Channel Catfish. But it was a small-ish carp!

I moved down along the shoreline a bit, and spotted a carp rooting in the mud. I dropped a fly near it a few times, and got a few takes, but missed the hookset each time, and eventually spooked it. I continued down along the pond, past some fenced-in dogs that were really giving me the business! I switched to a small Woolly Worm with a small glass beadhead, and fished that over some bluegill beds, catching a few. I made a longer cast down along the shoreline, got a good strike and had Carp #2 of the evening on the line! Another small-ish fish, but again a really good battle!

It got dark and I only caught a few more bluegills after that.  And then I managed to wade through a large patch of poison ivy on my way back to the car in the (almost) dark...


  1. Dave, great to see you got into some Carp. They are a bulldog on the end of a fly rod. I have only landed one in my life and I was exhausted after the battle. Hope the Poison Ivy doesn't cause you problems....................................

  2. Love Carp, such great fighters. Congrats to the first of the year! Can't wait for future reports, you always seem to do well with the Grass Carp too.