Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Short Evening of Flyfishing, 5-5-2014

I did not get out of the house to go flyfishing yesterday evening until 7pm.  Fortunately there were few clouds, so the sky stayed somewhat light until nearly 9pm!

I visited a local public pond.  A couple things I noticed.
1. The bluegills are getting a lot more active, and starting to look for nesting areas.
2.  The crappies have settled into nesting areas, and won't chase a fly very far.
3.  The crappies have not spawned yet.  I caught one female that was still fat with eggs (I released everything, so I'm really just guessing that they were eggs).
4.  The male crappies are wearing their spawning colors.

I ended up catching 7 Crappies and 17 Bluegills.
The male black crappies are now sporting their spawning colors of darkened cheeks, throats and bellies.
I caught fish on the red & chartreuse microjig above, and also on an all-chartreuse version.  I suspended them about 18"-20" beneath a strike indicator.

This is the female.  Notice the white cheeks and belly, and the belly is fat (sorta hard to tell in this picture...but it is).  The dark spot on the back is just a reflection or shadow of my fly rod.

Here's another nesting male.


  1. Not bad at all for two hours of fun. I also most said work, but then I know, Crappie fish is fun! Nice fish, thanks for sharing.

  2. I imagine you will enjoy the next post too. :)