Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Follow-up to yesterday's entry...I flyfished last night (5-6-2014) at the same pond I fished on 5-5-2014 for 1.25 hours.  I began at the same starting point, then I moved along the shoreline in the opposite direction from yesterday, so that I would fish a different stretch of water.  Another angler had just fished this stretch moving towards me, leapfrogged me, and continued on around the pond.  Nothing unusual about this...these ponds get fished multiple times every day.  He worked his way around to the shoreline opposite me, and got to watch me fish where he had already been.  I caught 12 decent Crappies to 12", 1 tiny Largemouth Bass, and 7 Bluegills.
same fish below as above

I caught 3 females, all had fat bellies.  The one below was the largest at 12":

This one appeared to have been caught before and released:


  1. Yup, you are right. Good sized Crappie and a fly rod is an exciting time. Thanks for sharing your information and wonderful pictures of your bounty.

  2. Great looking pictures Dave, also, out of curiosity. Have you had a chance to try out that new pattern?

    1. I have not! Pretty much all the flyfishing for crappies so far this season has been done with microjigs under an indicator. ULTRA-slow retrieves with a suspended fly. I can't get that type of presentation with your pattern. Later in the season from post-spawn through Fall, should be a better time for your pattern, since the crappies are more willing to chase a fly at those times. I have NOT FORGOTTEN your fly! :) And to be honest, there has been two days recently when I think the crappies might have gone for it. I intended to try it out, but I couldn't find the two I allocated to my panfish box. I'm CERTAIN they made it to my shoulder bag I wear when I flyfish, but now I can't find them. I'm puzzled as to what happened to them. I don't think they are lost, just "misplaced". I need to find those. I apologize for my disorganization...I feel like a jerk!

      I really think it will be a very good white bass fly, and so I have put a couple of them in my White Bass/Wiper fly box. They will see some action in late August-October, unless I steal them out of that box to replace the missing ones from the panfish box. :)

  3. No worries at all Dave, I just was curious how they had performed if you had tried them. Tight lines and keep up the good reports.