Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evening Flyfishing, 5-28-2014

Flyfished last night at a pond that SKUNKED me during the ice season.  Turns out, there ARE fish in it!
I caught over 20 Bluegills (biggest by far was 8"), 5 Crappies (to 11"), 4 Pumpkinseed Sunfish (to 8"), 7 Largemouth Bass (to 14"-15"), and 1 Hybrid Sunfish that seemed HUGE (but measured at 9.25").

Also saw some Grass Carp.
Here's the beast Hybrid:

And here's a Pumpkinseed.  I thought maybe it was too dark out (I was wearing sunglasses), so I took a picture with and without a flash.  I thought the differerence was interesting:
Most of the fish were caught on a chartreuse microjig under an indicator.


  1. Very interesting looking Hybrid, Dave. Significant color variations for sure. Did I hear the word, Chartreuse, again?

  2. Dave
    What an outing ---that Sun perch is some kind of beautiful--I wish I could land some that big here, I've never caught any larger in Smith lake bigger than 3 or 4 inches. Thanks for sharing---by the way if I did catch one that large I would probably have it mounted, that is how much I respect this one fish!!!

  3. Chartreuse=MAGIC, Mel! :)

    Bill, I love 'em too! :) In the two ponds I've found them in so far, their nests are always clean-bottomed down to rock/gravel. The bluegills on adjacent nests are mud-bottomed.