Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another "Slow News Day"

Not much fishing to report, not many new (to me) flies to show...So...bear with me while I contemplate the extremely unimportant.
I've had an iPhone 4S for over a year now.  I just love the darn thing!  Its amazing what you can do with one of these things.  I take almost all my fishing pictures with it now, and find it really does a stellar job in most situations.  And with the mind-boggling selection of FREE photo-editing apps available, you can make good shots better, and poor shots good.  I probably should have said that in a different order...

Fotor is the app I use most to edit the pictures I take with my iPhone.  Its quick and easy to crop, rotate, sharpen and brighten shots.
This past week I found another free app called PopAGraph.  It allows you to trace the outline of objects you want to sort of "pop off the page", add text, backgrounds, shadows to give sort of a 3D effect.
I played with it...here's some pictures I created, I thought they were just kind of fun..I don't know what I would ever do with them.
It kind of over-enhanced the pink colors on the gill plate of the rainbow trout above.  But the rest turned out rather interesting, I thought.

Next was a really bad picture of my Grass Carp... my daughter took the original picture with her phone, and the I wanted it on my phone really bad at the time, so I took a picture of her phone's screen.  That's why it looks textured like a bad newspaper or comic book print.

And finally, I couldn't decide which background I liked best for this Pumpkinseed in spawning colors, so I did all 3 separately:

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  1. Hi, Dave. Thanks for sharing. Don't own an I-Phone currently, but, realize they are pretty sharp units. Thanks for sharing some photo editing with us. Personally, I like the Sunfish in the middle shot. Almost looks jig saw puzzle like!