Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lake Petocka, 11-9-2013

I'm writing this on Tuesday, and it was 11 degrees F on my way in to work today, and it was snowing yesterday.  BRRRR!
On Saturday when I fished, it was much warmer...a comparatively balmy mid-40's.  Sure, my fingers were cold, but the real killer was the WIND.  It was screaming steadily at 22 mph, and gusting to almost 30 mph!

I was standing knee deep in the water, and the wind and waves factored greatly in creating a mudline downwind along the shore for at good 30 yards or more.  Tough conditions.

Fishing was slow, or at least the catching was.  I felt I had plenty of strikes, but most were single strikes.  Previous trips to this lake had fish that would strike 2 and 3 times or more before getting hooked.

I tried a number of patterns.  I landed 5 trout, and caught at least one each on a Chili Pepper, a BH Black Woolly Bugger, a brown-over-white Clouser Deep Minnow, and a Big Hole Demon.

Extended forecast says its going to warm back up a bit over the next few days.  I'm looking forward to that!


  1. Way to tough out the weather, Dave. You paid your dues and worked out some streamer patterns on those trout. BTW, thanks for the feedback on your previous post about Wiper fishing. Perhaps a new adventure for me.

  2. Dave
    You are braver than I am--really impressed with the fly in the mouth of the bow. thanks for sharing