Friday, November 8, 2013

Iowa Wipers

The Iowa DNR conducts fish sampling around mid-October each year on a nearby reservoir. The lake has a wide variety of species, and Wipers are stocked almost annually.

The following show Wipers (Hybrids) of 28"/13 lbs (photo taken in 2012), and 29"/14 lbs (photo taken in 2013), respectively. They don't net many fish this size, of course...but it does show what the reservoir is capable of producing when these fish have an abundant supply of shad!


  1. Awesome fish! They make more sense than the trout that are stocked in many of our large warmer reservoirs.


  2. Dave, just wondering if you have fly fished for Wipers before? Have a lake near home here in Colorado that has Wipers.

  3. Those are some monsters. My biggest is 6 1/2 lbs. Great fish on the fly, such a fight and if you can get into them you can have constant action for quite a period. I have always used Clousers Mel, though I will let Dave chime in with his own opinion. Thanks for posting.

  4. Mel, yes I've flyfished for Wipers. Actually had a couple good days of it this year.
    Like Atlas, Clouser Deep Minnow patterns have caught most of my Wipers.