Monday, October 28, 2013

Lake Petocka Stocker Trout, Fall 2013

I went flyfishing for "stocker trout" at Lake Petocka on Saturday, October 26.  It had been 8 days since they were stocked.
I fished from 9am-3:45pm.  Weather was mostly sunny, high temps reached around 50 degrees F.  Wind was 10-15 mph from the NNW.  I put some hip waders on and waded out to about knee deep.

I used a #8 Beadhead black Woolly Bugger for a good part of the day.  I experimented with a few other colors, caught fish on most of them, but the black seemed to be the trouts' preference on this day.

I ended up catching 67 Rainbow Trout.

I measured one at @ 14.25".  I landed one that I suspect was significantly larger, but it flopped off my fly as I was carrying it back to shore to measure it.  I could have tried to grab it, but I just let it go on its way.
On Sunday, October 27, I flyfished the lake again in the evening..from 4pm to 6:45pm.  The last hour was fairly worthless.  I ended up with landing 21 Rainbow Trout.  The best fly this time was an unweighted white Woolly Bugger.


  1. That's some pretty fast action there Dave!! Those fish look healthier than the ones they stock around here for the urban trout program , they've been eating well.

  2. I agree these trout looked especially good this year. Many didn't even have noticeable "hatchery fins"! Some guys checked stomach contents of the fish in the lake. Turns out they are feasting on tiny snails!