Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saylorville Lake, Evening Fishing 9-4-2013

I fished Saylorville Lake last night from around 6:20pm-8:10pm.

There were many boaters up on the water less than 3' deep, and within 30' of shore.  This is extremely unusual...but it was a good sign that the fish weren't out in deeper water.  I avoided the stretch of shoreline the boaters were working.  I walked around "the long way", checking the shoreline for signs of carp in the shallows.  I didn't really see any until I got to the point, but they were spooking before I could get near.

So, I tossed a surface plug with my spinning gear.  It was slow going, but within a few casts I caught a decent white bass, and then a couple more.  The biggest was this 15-incher:

I moved around the point a little further.  Saw some more carp, and decided to try flyfishing for them.  Once again, I couldn't get near the fish that were visible in the shallows near shore, but there was some swirling going on just beyond them, so I tried blind casting for awhile with a beadhead mylar chenille bugger.  Jackpot!
I could have kept fishing for carp, and probably caught a few more, but it would have been slow and tedious since I couldn't really sight-fish for them.
So, I resumed chucking a topwater plug for White Bass with a spinning rod.  I found 'em, and caught one on nearly every cast for the next hour or so.  I also caught a largemouth bass.  As the sky started to get dark, the action slowed, but I was still catching them when I decided to leave.


  1. Hello Dave. This is my first visit to your blog and have hit the "Follow" button so I can comeback more often. I live in Northern Colorado and have just started a blog on stalking the warm water fish in my local ponds. Long time fly fisher, but, have really enjoyed learning more about warm water fly fishing. Your blog looks like a place where I can learn more and swap some stories with you.

  2. Thanks, Mel! Looking forward to hearing more from you. :)
    I'm fortunate to live in a town that has more than 20 public ponds. I've flyfished most of them. Each one has a distinct character of its own, and its interesting to learn what works and what doesn't in each one. I also enjoy chasing warmwater species in some area rivers and lakes.
    I enjoy catching all fish...if Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, or Striped Bass were closer, I'd be fishing for them too.

  3. Man, I'm a SAHD and it seems you still hit the water more than I do.

  4. Hah, then you should use me as an excuse to get out more! :)
    I squeeze in even short trips whenever I can, but I still have to have "family time". I haven't been fishing during my lunch hour as often as I used to, but I get out sometimes.
    I don't even post a report about every trip...just if there was something WORTH posting (IMO). I just checked my fishing log. I've gone fishing 114 times so far this year, out of (I think about) 248 days. That means I've gone fishing about 46% of the time. Or, on average...almost every-other-day! Not bad, I guess, especially considering I only went 10 times total in January-March. So...since the beginning of April, I've gone 104 times in 158 days...or about 66% of the time (2 out of 3 days)! HA! Sorry..I'm a math geek sometimes. :) I guess I do go a lot, although it doesn't usually seem like it to me! To me...that's 134 days WASTED (not fished) this year!

  5. Yeah, you definitely fish more than anyone I know, and thats a compliment. Haha, good stuff as always sir.