Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lunchtime Fly Fishing Report, 5-29-2013

Well, lunchtime fishing was fun today.  The wind had the north shoreline stirred up a bit on the pond I often fish during lunch.  I had a foam bass topwater pattern (the one I started tying last summer) on the line already, so I tossed that out.  I caught at least 5 bass up to @ 18”, lost/missed maybe twice that many more, then switched to one of Dale S.'s red/chartreuse microjigs and caught a bunch of fat bluegills, and lost a crappie.  Fun!!

The biggest bass I landed…I had it laying on the ground while I was getting my camera/tape measure out.  It flopped, I grabbed the line, the line broke, the fish landed in the water under the algae, and took off with my popper still in its mouth!  Rats!  No picture of that fish.   I think I got the same fish to strike once more, but it only swirled on the 2nd popper.

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