Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grass Carp Nemesis

"Nemesis"...defined by Mirriam-Webster dictionary as "a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent".  That describes Grass Carp perfectly!

I landed 3 on flies a few years back.  I thought I was pretty cool!  Since then, I've been totally blanked.  I've hooked I don't know how many since then, and landed NONE.  Plus all the others I've seen and cast to and just could not get them to eat the fly!  A frustrating fish for me.  But the personal reward in landing each one is HUGE.  The take, the hookset, the fight...the big ol' fish landed!

I get continued inspiration from guys like the authors of blogs like:

Last year I had a nice Grass Carp take a topwater deer hair "pellet" fly I had tied in the style.  That was cool!  My line snapped just after the hookset when the fish threw its head to the side.

John and Jeff (from the 2nd and 3rd blog link above, respectively) have had success using the Grand Hopper  pattern for Grass Carp.  I've tried it during my last two flyfishing trips to local ponds, where I knew Grass Carp were in the area.  They certainly seem attracted and interested in the "splat" the fly makes when hitting the water.  They turn and swirl and swim around the fly, checking it out.  But so far, no strikes.  The fish don't seem to be feeding when I am casting to them, so maybe that is the difference?  Patience....I know this can work!

Here's a picture of me from fishing last night (photo courtesy of Dale Sanders).  The water was fairly calm, but part of the sky was sunny, and part was nasty black storm clouds!

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