Friday, April 12, 2013

Pumpkinseeds & Hybrid Sunfish!

Last night I fly-fished from @7pm-8:15pm.  I visited a pond just a few blocks from my house that, odd as it may seem, I had never fished before!  The pond is probably @ 6 years old (?), and I'm not exactly sure when it was first stocked.  I've seen folks fish it, see them catch fish that, obviously, were big enough to catch.  :)
I decided to try it.  The weather was crappy...37 degrees F, breezy, overcast, damp (it had been raining/drizzling sporadically throughout the day).

I stuck with my favored tactic of late...a microjig under an indicator.  Long story short, I caught @ 28 Bluegills, 10 Hybrid Sunfish, and 6 Pumpkinseed Sunfish.

Hybrids are cool because they are so aggressive and fight REALLY hard!  Of the 20+ public ponds in my town...I'm not sure I've ever caught a Pumpkinseed before.  If I did, I probably  assumed it was a Hybrid Sunfish.  But last night, catching multiple Hybrids and Pumpkinseeds at the almost the same time...There was a marked difference between these fish.  So...I am EXCITED, because I can now add Pumpkinseed to my "Fly Rod Species List"!
Here's some pics:
Here's 3 Pumpkinseeds

At @ 7", this was one of the bigger Pumpkinseeds:

And here is an 8" Hybrid Sunfish:

I'm looking forward to fishing this pond around spawning time...and get some good pics of these Pumpkinseeds in their spawning colors!


  1. Lookin' good, Dave! Keep the pictures coming! Saw you have some finger gloves... been hitting the water at the same temperatures and my hands get so stiff I can hardly strip line. Any recommendations? I thought about getting some butcher's cotton gloves and taking off the index and thumb tips...

  2. Nice coloring. i'm still waiting for top water action. fyi,i renamed myblog

  3. @riverwalker 34: I will defintitely follow your new blog! :) I've been having fish hit the indicator, and I did catch some bluegills on a foam topwater this weekend. Worked really well! :)

    @Anthony: I would advice against cotton, since it doesn't dry very fast. I would recommend getting some inexpensive neoprene or wool/fleece gloves, and cutting the fingers off whatever fingers you choose. Wool and neoprene will both keep your hands warm even when wet, which cotton will not do.