Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Tying

I've been playing around with ideas, as usual.  Nothing original, of course.
Here's a Shannons Streamer I tied and then used markers to make a Firetiger / Perch / Bluegill pattern:

And then I tied up some Full Motion Minnows, which is pretty much comprised of all rabbit fur:

I also tied up on Crafty Minnow, which is pretty interesting in that it forms a bulky head without using a dubbing loop.  This isn't the best example, but gives you an idea....I plan to tie a few more to get the head shaped even better:


  1. I really like the full-motion minnow...I bet that thing really moves in the water!

  2. I really like the full motion minnows. smallie food.

  3. I've had great luck with rabbit for for bass. They just love that wiggle of the fly as it swims past.