Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fishing in the Rain - 4/22/2013

It is Spring, after all.  And its hard to complain about the rain after the very dry conditions we experienced last year.  So...I just put on a rainsuit and go fishing.
I had about 40 minutes to spend fishing last night, and it just so happened to be raining during that time.

The public pond I chose to fish was clearer than some of the other ponds, but noticeably murkier than it usually is.  I flyfished, using a chartreuse microjig under an indicator.  I fished quite awhile before I hooked my first fish, a decent Bluegill.

Fishing was extremely slow and I really can't explain why, unless the fish were just not in the areas / depths I was targeting.  I ended up catching just 4 fish total...3 Bluegills and 1 Crappie.  But the Crappie was a very strong 13-incher, so I was every excited about that!

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  1. Nice. My city lake already has an algea bloom and in bad shape due to the drought and highway constuction.