Friday, March 29, 2013

First Flyrod Fish of 2013!

Got back from a family Spring Break vacation earlier this week (will blog about that soon!).  Finally, the local ponds and lakes are starting to open up.  Some still have ice on them, a few are completely ice-free.

Wednesday (March 27) after work, I visited a local pond with my flyrod for about 45 minutes.  There was ice covering about 1/4 of the pond.  I walked beyond it to start fishing.  First cast with a chartreuse microjig/indicator resulted in a Crappie.
Not a jumbo, but fun all the same.  I ended up with 10 crappies and 4 bluegills.

On Thursday, I flyfished a different pond during my lunch hour.  That pond was 60%+ ice-covered, and the open water shoreline was ringed with about 20' of floating weedy/algae/gunk.  Messy fishing.  I landed just one Bluegill.

Thursday evening I flyfished the same pond as the previous evening.  All the ice was gone, although a neighboring pond about 100 feet away was still 50% ice-covered.  I flyfished for @ 2.25 hours.  For awhile it was a fish on nearly every cast.  I ended up catching at least 30 Crappies and at least 23 Bluegills.

The fish were in shallow water near shore and were aggressive.  Most fish came on the chartreuse microjig/indicator rig, but I also caught a few of each species on this:

I am SO glad to once again be flyfishing in open water!


  1. I like the photo of that fly! Ice on a pond. It's March, lol. I'm freezing my kiester off wading streams. I tend to do well catching crappie on chartreuse Clousers.

  2. Looking at your pics on Photobucket. Man, you've got some great ones.

  3. Thanks, Josh! Last year we had an extremely early and extremely warm Spring...wich sort of spoiled me and raised (and then crushed) my expectations for this year. I have at times also done well with #10 and #8 Craft Fur Clousers for crappies...tied with beadchain eyes. Chartreuse is generally the best color, but in some waters other colors are also effective.

  4. That Bow River Bugger, almost-very similar, is a cool. Nice report! We had a bugger of a cold January that had ponds frozen until late Feb. but I'm catching carp now, actually since mid feb. where springs warm one up a bit. No sunfish for me yet, I don't try for them usually but they do take carp flies very often, and love it.


  5. I had to look up what a Bow River Bugger was. Dang, that pattern DOES look REALLY good! I will have to tie some up!