Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lunchtime Flyfishing Report, 12-4-2012

50 degrees when I left the office for lunch...and 58 when I got back! Ahhh, December in Iowa! 
Now, keep in mind all the local ponds were 100% ice-covered for about 5 days about a week-and-a-half ago. Then the ice melted off again...but the water is THAT cold!

I went flyfishing, of course. Despite the warm air temps, those fish are getting extremely sluggish. I missed quite a few soft strikes. The first first fish that decided to let me hook it was a crappie. It came in like a wooden plank. The other fish fought better, but that first one was a good indication of the fish's activity level right now.

I ended up catching 3 Crappies and 4 Bluegills. The biggest crappie was this 12.5-incher:

All on a microjig under an indicator.


  1. Very nice! Can you send me a link to your microjig?

  2. There's an example of one in the bottom picture of this blogpost:


    (copy and paste the text between the quotations into your web browser)

    The one I've been using at this particular pond for crappie uses a 1/80oz jighead (no collar), bright red/orange thread, black rabbit fur for the tail, and olive glimmer chenille for the body. Tied off with an obvious collar of the red/orange thread.

    A picture of this is also located in post #1, last picture, far right fly, of this thread on the Fly Anglers Online Site:


  3. Best place for vacation fun and fishing.