Monday, October 15, 2012

Fishing Report - October 13 & 15, 2012

I got out flyfishing for bit late Saturday evening.  The weather was warm...about 74 degrees.  Wind was gusty, but usually fishable.
I started off catching some nice Bluegills on a Springbrook Wunder microjig under an indicator.  Many were around this size:

I also caught 3 Largemouth Bass.  I took a picture of the smallest one...because it was so cute:

Later in the evening, it started misting pretty heavily.   I could see the waves of it under the nearby softball field lights.  It didn't didn't really even drizzle...just a heavy mist.  Eventually, although I was comfortably dry, my glasses got covered in tiny droplets to the point I could barely see.  I called it a night.

Monday, October 15....  I went flyfishing during lunch today.  Visited a nearby public pond.  Apparently the rain we had over the weekend had little effect on pond water levels.  The water did seem a bit clearer than it had been, though.

I caught around 20 Bluegills.  I also caught 4 small naturally-occurring Hybrid Sunfish.  All the fish were caught on a #10 unweighted chartreuse Woolly Bugger. Although the Hybrids were considerably smaller than the Bluegills I was catching, I had to take a picture of one of the colorful Hybrids:


  1. Makes me think I need to go visit a local pond and catch some sun fish.

  2. DO, Kevin! Get out there and cash in on the Fall bonanza. Crappies are especially active right now in the shallows, especially in the evenings.