Monday, October 1, 2012

Fishing Report, Last Weekend of September 2012

Saturday morning I fished the same place as in my previous 2 blog entries.  No Freshwater Drum.  Just caught another Crappie, but this one was smaller than yesterday's fish...probably 9".  I did have a good fish hit the Black Ops while it was sinking.  I set the hook and fought it for 30 seconds or so.  Good fight.  Had it all the way to shore at one point, but it managed to shake free.  Don't know what it was.

Some small fish were hitting SOMETHING at the surface.  Not sure what these fish were.  Could have been small sunfish, or maybe just weird-acting shad?  Check the short video below:

Saturday evening I flyfished a local public pond.  Fishing was slow, but I managed around 10 Bluegills and one Green Sunfish before dark.  The biggest fish was this dandy 9" female Bluegill.  Compared to the Bluegills I typically catch locally, this seemed HUGE!
Sunday afternoon I flyfished a different local pond.  Fishing was very slow.  Geese and ducks had the water around the edges pretty muddied up.  I had hoped to catch a few crappies, but only managed about 4 Bluegills.  I switched to a bass topwater fly that worked well earlier this year.  I caught 3 Largemouth Bass on it.  Two were small, the third was decent, but not huge by any means.  Good fighter:

There is a smaller pond near this pond.  I walked over and started fishing it for bluegills.  The bluegills in this pond are healthier fish, if only a bit longer.  Also caught a couple bass, including another about the size of the one above.  It dove into the weeds and mud, so I didn't photograph it.

I did take a couple pictures of the bluegills.  These weren't the bigger ones I caught, but they had good colors:

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