Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flyfishing Tuesday Evening, 9-25-2012

I flyfished Monday during my lunch hour, but spent the entire time trying to get Bigmouth Buffalo to strike a fly.  Didn't happen.  Or at least, the strike wasn't definite enough that I bothered to set the hook.  There was one time when the I did suspect a strike...but the fish could have just swam into the line.  I did have one foul-hooked for about 25 seconds.

Now...on to Tuesday evening.  I flyfished a pond where I had hooked (and eventually lost) a couple Grass Carp about a month ago(+/-).  I did actually get a good visual on a Grass Carp that was cruising across the pond just under the surface.  I put a cast out ahead of it and started bringing my fly across its path.  Something about this spooked the fish enough to make it quickly change direction and speed just as it was coming towards my fly.  By the time I could get another cast out, the fish was well beyond range.  Nevertheless, I spent a great deal of time fishing for Grassies.  I tried both a topwater Deer Hair Pellet Fly, and a subsurface Black Ops fly.  I did catch some Bluegills on both.

After it got pretty dark, I switched to fishing specifically for Bluegills.  I ended up catching at least 10, plus two small Largemouth Bass.  The big surprise of the evening was a decent 10.5" Crappie!

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