Monday, July 16, 2012

Evening River Fishing, 7-14-2012

Fished the Des Moines River near Cottonwood Saturday evening.  Crowded...could see at least a dozen anglers in the area. I'm sure there were more I could not see.

I fished a large shallow area almost cut off from the main river.  It was marginal habitat, but I could see carp feeding.  I started with the spinning rod with a Cicada blade bait.  Caught a small crappie.  Switched to the fly rod for carp.  First, a dad and son walked along and threw rocks at the visible carp.  The fish disappeared until they left, then started feeding on the surface.  I was casting to these when another kid with his dog walked along the shoreline and put the fish down again.  I was standing at the base of the steep shoreline and had a tough time casting without snagging brush at the top of the drop off.  Lost some line and flies and indicators.  Hooked into a nice carp that immediately broke my line.

Switched back to spinning gear for a few casts before I left and caught a small walleye.

Saw deer, had an owl fly right over my head from across the river, and had a mink slink right up to my shoes before changing direction.

Also could hear what sounded like distant rocks tapping together.  Is this what Freshwater Drum sound like underwater?  It sounded like it was coming from the water all around me.

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