Monday, July 30, 2012

Evening Flyfishing Report, 7-29-2012

Excuses, excuses...I didn't get out fishing until really late last night (after 8:30pm)...not much light left, the sun had already set.  And then for the past few months I've been spending a LOT of largely fruitless time chasing after catfish and grass carp with the fly rod.  So, my catch rates and fish totals have severly plummeted.  Average size is up, however.  Definitely a trade-off.

Last night I tried some white bunny leeches and caught just 3 fish, one Bluegill, one Crappie, and one 17" Largemouth Bass:

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  1. Most of my places have carp as the main gamefish. Those that have sunfishes and bass in numbers I don't try for, after carp as I am. But you are correct, if you want other fish you'd best fish for them, carp will do that to you. At least to me. And that is a nice bass. We use white bunny leeches for carp here as well.