Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pair of First Fishes on 4-1-2012!!

My friend Brandon was in town this weeking visiting his family.  He brought his young boys with him, along with a couple fishing poles.  He asked me if I wanted to help him take the boys on their first fishing trip.  SURE!  I knew JUST THE PLACE.

When we got to the local public pond, the first thing I did was cut off the bobber, sinker, and snap swivel off each rod.  I tied a microjig (that I had tied up earlier in the day just for this trip) and added a large fly-fishing strike indicator about 2' up the line.  The boys were catching fish within just a minute or two.

Below are the pictures of each of them with their First Fish ever!  They each caught plenty more, mostly Bluegills with a few decent Crappies in the mix.  They had so much fun, they did NOT want to leave the pond when it was time to go!  I can still totally relate to that feeling!  ;o)

Younger brother, Ethan, with his first fish ever...a  Crappie!

Older brother, Preston, with his first fish ever....a nice Bluegill!

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