Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fly-Fishing Lunch Report, 4-12-2012

Fly-fished a nearby public pond during lunch today. Caught 10 Bluegills and 2 Green Sunfish. One Bluegill especially had decent size and really nice colors...I debated taking his picture...but in the end I just let him go.  And then I regretted NOT getting its picture!

I did take a couple pictures of these nice, chunky Green Sunfish. I didn't measure them, but I measured my hand later, and determined these fish are in the 7.5"-8" range.


  1. Those are some real chunks!! I need your job , all this fishing at lunch , I'm stuck inside for 12 hours with no windows!!
    Nice report as always....

  2. Thanks! They are REAL chunks!
    I HOPE that means you get at least a 4-day work-week / 3-day weekends??

  3. I just found your site from another, and I really like what you have. Those are nice green sunfish, my boys as youngsters, while on vacation in SD with Mom, told me of a fish they caught everyone told them was a cross between a bluegill and a bass. I had to laugh and set them straight. My youngest brother is a fisheries biologist in Alaska with the USFS. Wish it had worked out for you, but all seems well. Good stuff!


  4. Thanks Gregg! I fish often, so I hope you'll check back frequently to see what I've been catching. Fishing has been pretty good so far this year, hopefully the best is yet to come!

    I hope I can make it up to Alaska to fly-fish one of these days...I'd love to add some salmon, arctic char, dolly varden, grayling, and whatever else to my fly-rod species list! I've caught Coho and Chinook Salmon, but I was using spinning gear in the Lake Michigan tributaries.