Friday, March 30, 2012

Lunchtime Fly-Fishing at Former Farm Pond, 3/30/2012

With the expansion of the City and associated new residential developments, an old farm pond became the public property of the City last year.  A couple friends had ice-fished it this past Winter.  Today was my first trip to the pond.

There were a few Mallard Ducks and a number of Canadian Geese on and around the pond.  There is a street near one side of the pond, timber on the opposite side, and fairly new houses back up to the other 2 sides.  Its not a large pond...maybe 1/2 to 3/4 acre.  Despite last night's rain and water flowing into the pond from a storm  culvert, the water was relatively clear for Iowa.  Although it was overcast, I could see down 2-3 feet.

I didn't wander around the pond...maybe next time.  I just fished from one spot since there was decent room for fly-casting there.  I used a microjig.  I tried it with an indicator, but hits were more aggressive and I caught more when I was just retrieving it without an indicator on the line.

I caught 2 small Crappies and at least 9 Bluegills, including this strong, deep-bodied actually took line from my hand!

I also got an excellent fight out of this 13.5" Largemouth Bass:


  1. What are you throwing to hook into your Largemouth Bass?

  2. That particular bass hit a 1/80oz Springbrook Wunder microjig...Tan Grizzly Chickabou tail, metallic gold chenille body, and bright orange thread collar.
    So far this year, I've taken bass on yellow Boa Yarn Leeches, misc. black nymphs, pearl beadhead woolly bugger, black woolly bugger, chartreuse or black Daedalian Damsel, and a chartreuse & yellow bucktail streamer.
    I should mention I'm not usually targeting bass specifically, but get them incidentally when fly-fishing for crappies & bluegills.
    When targeting bass specifically, I usually try to go topwater in the evenings if I can...a bass-sized foam popper.