Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fly-Tying Mid-January 2012

Here's some more junk I've tied up recently:
A Craft Fur streamer with a Clear Cure Goo-covered head:

Some "bass worms" made of feathers...I tested these in the sink, and they weren't 100% dried yet when I took this picture:

An innovative Gar fly pattern designed by an angler in central Iowa...the top one is tied on a clipped hook shank, the bottom two are tube flies:

A yellow Jumpin' Catfish Nymph:

A Stalcup's Gilled Nymph:

A favorite of mine..size 10 Gartside Sparrow:

A Chironomid I plan to try out on bluegill through the ice soon:


  1. Dave – I really like that Gartside Sparrow. Looks a bit like a clouser swimming nymph. Trout, carp, and just about anything will eat that.

  2. The Clouser Swimming Nymph is a good pattern too. John, I've recently been looking through a fellow's blog at

    ...if you haven't already seen it, you might find it interesting. The guy catches a lot of grass carp and catfish on flies, and has a number of his own patterns.