Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fishing opportunities have been scarce recently. Leaves a bit more time for sitting at the tying desk pondering what to tie/use for the coming open-water season. Here's a few items I've tied over the past week.
First up is a "Skip's Anatomical Nymph":

Next up is a Deer Hair Bass Popper:

My buddy Jay had found some fly-tying materials at a garage sale a year or so ago.  He gave it all to me.  Included were some size 12 and size 10 cork bodies for making bluegill poppers.  I hadn't used them, but for some reason I was compelled to pick out a size 12 and "give it a go":

The dark spot behind the eye is an imperfection in the cork surface.  No biggie.
Here's the same fly under a UV light:

The next one is just a streamer I threw together.  Can't decide if I like it much:

And last...I'm following a blog called "[url][/url]".  Interesting around the north side of St. Louis, often from his kayak in backwaters off the Missouri River.  He catches mostly Grass Carp, Catfish, and some Wipers.  I'm fascinated...he doesn't usually try to imitate plants for his grass carp flies (even when fishing under ripe mulberry trees)....usually he just uses his own design of nymph and swims it back in.'s a couple of his more productive patterns:

The top two with the softhackle legs he calls the "Rabbit Tail Dragon".  The bottom one is basically the same pattern without the softhackle legs.  I used rabbit for the tail on this one too, but he uses black turkey feather barbules for the tail.  He calls it the "Black Ops".

That's it for now!  :icon_salut:

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  1. Dave
    I envy you--these are some great looking patterns, I need to learn how to just do some basic patterns and that might get me into fly tying. Thanks for sharing