Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Fishing-Related News Article

I'm mentioned in a fishing-related article on the Des Moines Register website:

Hoping to lure a new generation, Iowa restocks it fishing holes

Click the link above. The author, Perry Beeman, called me yesterday and interviewed me. He got the story online FAST! I’m also in the background of 3 of the pictures…I was fly-fishing on the dock that day. I blend in well...I’m wearing a dark blue hooded jacket, and I’m just to the left of the angler's head in picture number 1.


  1. I always wanted to be famous...I guess the next best thing is to know someone who is!! From the looks of those pictures winter must have finally arrived up there, looks cold.

  2. The pictures were taken nearly a month was cold that day, and it was REALLY WINDY.
    Winter HAS arrived here. Most of the ponds have 1.5" of ice on them as of yesterday, and we got a 1/2" dusting of snow last night.

    The worst thing about fame is all the darn PAPARAZZI!! ;o)