Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend of Fly Tying, 11/2011

I didn't get out fishing this weekend, so instead of a REPORT, I will post some fly-fishing fly patterns I tied up over the weekend.

 Above is a #10 or #12 Black & Olive Woolly Bugger, with a glass bead head.  This thing definitely catches trout, and I imagine bluegills will find it worth a bite as well.

 Above is a couple of Mylar/Epoxy Minnows.  I tied these larger than usual...on #4 streamer hooks.  The top one has a body of medium-sized silver mylar tubing, while the bottom one has a body of medium-sized pearl mylar tubing (over a base of chartreuse yarn).  Both are then coated with Clear Cure Goo epoxy-alternative.

 The above nymph looks like a real fish-getter!  It is Ian James' "The Muncher" nymph.

Below is a series of shad/minnow imitator streamers I plan to use on the local river during the colder months.  Last Friday I caught a small walleye and a crappie there on Clousers, but lost a handful of the Clousers to the underwater rocks/snags.
Lefty's Deceiver

Gray-over-White Clouser Deep Minnow

Clouser with a wool overwing.

Just something easy I threw together that looked like it'll catch fish in the river...

Above is a streamer with a calftail belly and a white fox fur overwing.

 Above is a Furled Tail Mohair Leech tied on a 1/80th oz microjig.  Bluegills especially, and maybe trout, should go NUTS over this!

 Above is a pair of Chironomid patterns using olive (above) and red Larva Lace.  I tied these on a #10 Scud hook.  I tried them once last year, and had a nice carp take a red one, then it broke my line.

I don't really know what to call the pattern above...its a marabou tail, gold mylar tubing body, and dark ostrich herl head.  It isn't the prettiest thing, but I've done really well with it on trout on several occasions when they seemed otherwise very finicky.  This was the only thing that REALLY get their attention and drew strikes.

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