Monday, November 14, 2011

Tough to Create Fly-Fishing Converts

I've taken the exerpt below from a post I made on our local fishing club's website.  Its a multi-species fishing club in Central Iowa.  There are a fair number of anglers in the club who have admitted to OWNING fly-fishing gear already...but they don't use it.

Its frustrating. What are you gonna do? Have you ever tried OVER AND OVER to convince other anglers of something that catches fish really well, but they just won't listen? They just keep doing what they've always done, with the same results? Kind of like Doug Stange of In-Fisherman experience with touting large swimbaits for big walleyes and muskies...

I wasn't ALWAYS a fly-fisherman. I'm still fairly new to it. I'm trying to completely get away from using live bait...but otherwise I will do whatever is most effective at catching lots of fish and have the most fun doing it. Believe me...if fly-fishing wasn't so effective and fun, I wouldn't be doing it.

You'll never convince everybody, but I figured after 5 years, > 7,300 fish caught, and 23 different species on fly gear, more of our local fishing club's progressive anglers would start to take note and at least give it a serious try. At least to be prepared to have it as an additional fish-catching tool and technique to add to your arsenal. Its like sporting the attitude that "Spinnerbaits, plastic worms, plastic frogs, and crankbaits catch lots of bass, but I'm never going to learn to use THOSE." Or that "Vertical jigging is a great way to catch walleyes on the Mississippi River, but I'm just going to troll." Really?

Kudos to those who HAVE tried it. And for those few sitting on the fence who still need a little nudge...just ask the questions and you'll get the answers.

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  1. im on the fence, but your blogs have piqued my interest! might have to try it this spring!