Thursday, November 10, 2011

Late October Lightning Storm, 2011

I shot some video of a lightning storm with my little point & shoot digital camera.  Since there were LONG periods of no lightning, I save frames from the video as separate pictures, then made a .GIF image out of it.
I want to see how it turns out here, since I don't think I've tried loading this file type into this blog. goes: it turns out, in order to see the .GIF animation, you have to click the picture above to see the full-size image.  Even then, however, the quality of each "frame" isn't nearly what the originals were, but you can at least get a good idea of what was going on.  The file size is MUCH smaller than trying to load a video!

Below is a couple of the better individual frames (click each one to see the slightly larger original frame)...they still aren't that great, but it works.


  1. Cool shots , I enjoyed that. We're supposed to be done with that stuff aren't we??

  2. It seemed odd for such a storm this late in the year...but it WAS during sort of a warm spell. Lightning storms are COOL! :)