Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NOTICE the Outdoors!

A nice gentleman on a website forum I frequent talked about just getting outside and bearing witness to all the interesting wildlife and happenings that occur in Nature.  It was a great reminder!

In the past 2 weeks I had a couple of opportunities to spend time outdoors without a fishing pole in my hands.

The first was a lake shoreline clean-up project (yes, that's me quoted in the article):

Our fishing club did this project in conjunction with a team of anglers from the Recycled Fish non-profit organization. As I was driving one of the other guys around the lake to the next access point we were going to clean up, we had to slow the car down for some deer, and we saw a rafter of wild turkeys (I JUST NOW learned that a group of wild turkeys is called a rafter!).

The second outdoor event was walking a mile-plus length of sanitary sewer that wound its way along a wooded creek. We saw all kinds of birds...goldfinches, cardinals, bluejays, robins, hawks. I saw deer, 4 different types of butterflies, squirrels, minnows and largemouth bass in the creek. I didn't see any turkeys, but found a BUNCH of turkey feathers scattered around, so they must hang out in the area frequently. Saw some HUGE oak and cottonwood trees. I like the way oaks branch in such jagged, irregular directions, so I took a picture of this dead tree (with my crappy cell phone camera):

I found a shedded snake skin...then about 10 minutes later I found a snake that looked like it may have been the one that shed the skin!
I grew up in a rural area, on 20 acres of partially wooded land with a creek flowing through it. We saw plenty of wildlife. I'd almost forgotten how many interesting things one can find in just a day or less spent wandering outside and looking. I DID see a red fox here in town last week, and of course we get plenty of ducks (mostly mallards) and Canadian Geese. And those darned rabbits.

Fish are part of wildlife that you can count on...you KNOW where they will be.  Is this why I like them so much?

Anyway....Get out there and see what YOU can spot.  Its bound to be pretty awesome!

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