Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fly Patterns, 9-13-2011

Here's some patterns I've tied recently.
#10 Chernobyl Ant/Hopper.  This has been great for bluegills and crappies this summer.

I don't know if this on has a name....basically a biot-bodied dry fly.

This is an example of the Jumpin' Catfish Nymph.  Normally it doesn't have a "shell back" over the abdomen.  I tied it without reviewing the pattern first...Still works fine this way.

Birds Nest

This is a bucktail/calftail streamer...this is the sort of streamer that I have been catching nice catfish on this Summer/Fall.  I've used Craft Fur on some examples.

A generic EP minnow.  I haven't got this one wet yet.


  1. Great patterns! Good job on the birds nest. I tried these for the first time yesterday

  2. Killer flies...really like the EP Baitfish and the Jumpin Catfish Nymph (cool name by the way).