Thursday, September 29, 2011

Evening Report, 9-28-2011

I managed to get some time to fish last night...from about 7pm until 8:15pm.  It gets dark (not sunset...but DARK) around 7:30pm these days, so the last half the of the time was spent in the dark.

I fly-fished a local public pond.  I had a chartreuse microjig tied on my line, and that's all I used.  I did NOT use an indicator.  There was basically NO wind, and the air temp was around 75 degrees.  The water was stained...since we've had very little rain for the past couple of weeks, I wonder if the Fall "turnover" is occurring?  No wind also meant that the floating algae wasn't pushed up against the downwind shoreline, but was scattered all over.  This was a challenge, and I had to pick clumps of algae off my line/fly often, especially after dark.

There was evidence of large fish activity, mainly out in the middle of the pond.  There was another guy there who was fishing with spinning gear, so I didn't try to chum any of the big fish with bread, although I had some with me, and it would have been a perfect evening for such tactics.  I saw that fellow angler catch 1 medium-sized bass.

The crappies were active.  I discovered they would hit best if I kept the microjig near the surface, which meant retrieving a bit faster than I normally would have.  Maybe this is why I caught 20 crappies, compared to only 4 bluegills and 1 largemouth bass?  Maybe the faster retrieve discouraged the bluegills from hitting?  I'm wondering this, because for most of this year I've been averaging a lot more bluegills than crappies from this pond.

Because of the low light conditions, I didn't take any pictures of the fish I caught last night.  I could have used the flash on the camera, but it tends to wash out the colors on the fish anyway.  No pictures makes for a horribly (visually) boring blog entry, 'bout a picture of microjigs?
I use 1/100oz and 1/80th oz jigheads.  The color I was using last night was a chartreuse marabou tail and chartreuse yarn body.

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