Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm still fishing....just no pictures.

I've fly-fished a few times this week, but haven't really caught much picture-worthy.  Plus, I've been fishing around dusk, so the pictures tend to not turn out well anyway.  I've been fishing a local public pond, and catching mostly Bluegills (and an occasional Bass) on Chernobyl Ant/Hoppers, and some Crappies on Boa Yarn Leeches.

So, instead of fishing pictures....I've got some more "backyard" pictures.  And I'm kicking myself for missing the chance to take a picture of a 3/4" long juvenile Praying Mantis I found there a couple days ago.'s a pair of Japanese Beetles...doing what Japanese Beetle pairs do:

Another fly...but this time on some tiny red flowers: 

 I think its interesting how the natural creases on some of the orange Hummingbird Vine flowers form a 5-pointed star.  Cool, right?

Clematis Vines are in full bloom now:

We have these growing up in a few small patches beneath some bushes:

Rose-of-Sharon...these are my favorite bushes since their flowers look like tropical Hibiscus flowers.

 These next two are 2 colors of Monarda (Bee Balm) flowers.  They remind me of fireworks.

And speaking of fireworks, we could watch them from our back yard this year:

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