Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fly Rod Carp, 7-27-2011

Hopefully you've read the previous blog entry.  After yesterday morning's success, we tried it again this morning.  Carp are smart, and perhaps they've learned our strategy already.  We had very few carp show up today, and when they did, they would take one or two pieces of our bread "chum" and then disappear again.  It was frustrating.
I started fishing for bluegills.  There were some good-looking fish in the 7.5" - 9" range.

 The one above is a male bluegill, the one below is a female bluegill.  You can tell by the size difference of the black "opercle" on their gill plate.
 The fish below is a naturally-occuring Hybrid Sunfish.  Very colorful and feisty.  I suspect it is a Green Sunfish x Bluegill cross.  I've seen others around the docks, but this is the first one I recall catching from Saylorville Lake.
 With the last of our bread supply, we chummed one more time.  A couple carp showed up!  Ben spotted one cruising along one dock and landed a perfect cast just in front of the fish.  It grabbed it, and the battle was ON!  At first it charged around not far below the surface, but then it dove straight down and peeled line off Ben's reel.  He worked it back up, and after a lengthy battle, we landed it.  This one weighed 9lbs 11 oz.
I had a good carp on, but it swam under my kayak and headed back under the docks.  I had the rod tip down in the water, but it was an awkward position.  The fish eventually broke my line.
Another good day on the water.

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