Monday, April 18, 2011

Lunch Fishing Report 4/18/2011


Local Public Pond
Time Fished: 12:20pm-12:45pm
Weather: Cloudy, 41 degrees F
Wind: 10mph from E
Fish sought: any
Fish Caught: 8 crappies, 1 green sunfish

I started out fishing with a yellow boa yarn leech, and it was working. But, I wanted to try one of those Jointed Minnows I had tied a couple months ago. It looked great in the water, and caught fish good too!

Here's a photo "montage" from today...not because the fish were impressive, just because I thought the pics turned out really well.

And, I took a picture of this Green Sunfish, because his colors were so dark when I pulled him out of the water...he was almost black! But his color started to lighten up by the time I got the camera ready, so you'll just have to imagine it 4 shades darker.


  1. Dave
    That leech pattern is awesome. Is this the first time you have used it for crappie. I use a Bouface Leech, but not for crappie, now after reading your post I will give it a try on some crappie. Nice pics!!!

  2. Bill,
    I have caught many crappies on boa yarn leeches over the past couple of years. The fly pattern in all of the pictures above is a Jointed Minnow.
    The link to the pattern is here (copy and paste into your browser):

    I modified it by using a size 8 2xl streamer hook on the front, and a size 10 for the rear (with the bend clipped off)...and I used the Small size Wapsi Palmer Chenille, rather than the Medium size.
    I was very impressed with how well the fish were hitting it! Its a good-looking baitfish imitation...I figured I'd get some hits, maybe a couple of fish....but on this trip and a couple of subsequent trips, it has done VERY well for me! Do tie a few up in your favorite colors, and give 'em a try! :)

  3. Dave
    Thanks for the pattern, I will tie up some before I fish the attractors in Miss. this summer. That is the only place I crappie fish, nad you need every advantage you can get when you are fishing over there. Thanks again